Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 22: Robin Bound Announced

One more step towards having all of ASM collected.

The twenty-second volume of Marvel’s Epic Collection line dedicated to the Amazing Spider-Man title has been announced for March, 2015. Per Amazon’s description:

Spidey gets by with a little help from his friends! If he can survive a rematch with the Tri-Sentinel, this time without Captain Universe powers, Spider-Man will face a sidekick’s revenge! But wait, he never had a sidekick. So who is the Secret Empire’s cyborg powerhouse, Midnight? To get to the bottom of this mess, the web-slinger will need to do a little old-fashioned teaming up. How’s Moon Knight, Punisher, Nova, Night Thrasher and Darkhawk?


This includes the previously uncollected #351-352 (Return of the Tri-Sentinel) and #359-360 (Return of Cardiac). The Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge paperback from 1994 collected numbers #353-358, but filling in the gaps before and after is a good move for completion’s sake.

Now, this being Spidey’s Epic Volume 22 and the Cosmic Adventures Epic being volume 20 of the same line kind of confirms that, when released, the 21st volume will include ASM #334-350. Sixteen issues! Not official at the moment, but a pretty safe bet.

My checklist page has been updated accordingly. I’m pretty excited for this release!

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Transformations, Literal and Otherwise

Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home (vol. 2, #30-#35)

Flashback to 2001. I was living in my hometown (Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico). Thirteen at the time, reading comic books weekly. My access to the internet had already affected my printed material expenses, as I was downloading most of what I read. No sign of big-ass smartphones, iPads or any kind of tablet back then, so I read straight from the monitor screen. We pre-millennials, post-gen-x-ers (gen-x-nnials?), I feel, have a bigger appreciation for those technologic wonders.

But I digress. The volume I’ll write about first collects issues first published around June of that year. It’s the first story arc written by Babylon 5 scribe J. Michael Straczynski, and evidently the start of his long run alongside Spidey artist extraordinaire, John Romita, Jr.

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